Your mom deserves the world? This Mother’s Day gift guide will help you shower her with love – a custom photo lamp and many more


By Una Balode

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Ideally, we should celebrate and thank our moms every day for existing, but honoring and showering her with love on Mother’s day is the best way to show her your gratitude. Often it is difficult to think of the perfect gift for your mom because she deserves the world. And she does deserve the world and then some, but the closest thing to that is a custom photo gift made especially for her. This gift guide will help you choose the ideal gift for the unique, remarkable, and uncomparable mom in your life – from a custom photo lamp to a fleece blanket, and many more. 

Custom photo lamp is a unique gift for Mother's Day

Light up the moment – custom photo lamp

One of the most original gifts that you can give your mom is a custom photo lamp because not only she will actually use it for years to come, but because it can display anything you can think of. You can have your most precious moment with your mom printed on this custom cube lamp, so every time she brightens up the room – she can cherish and treasure the moment. Not only this is a unique gift, but also a great living room design element. You can personalize this custom photo lamp however you want – you can choose only one photo or you can make each side different. Your mom will love it, and her guests will probably ask her where did she get it every time they come over.

Freeze a moment – photo book

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if the various events that you lived through with your family and friends were all gathered in one book? Minnti is giving you a chance to create just that! Everyone who would flip through the pages would feel every emotion, every smile, and every memory that flows in the pictures. Imagine how happy your mom would be if she had a book with photos from all her favorite life moments – pictures of when you were a baby, pictures of your siblings’ graduation, pictures of you doing fun stuff in your childhood. Minnti is the perfect place to customize a photo book. Hard or soft cover, huge or pocket-sized – you choose!

Reveal the gift piece by piece – photo jigsaw puzzle

Does your mom like to relax while still doing something that requires thinking? I believe that a photo puzzle would make a great gift for the crafty mom and puzzle enthusiast. Give your mom a gift that she can put together herself or make this a fun activity for all your family members during Mother’s day – and see the picture take shape through putting together hundreds of little puzzle pieces. And another bonus – after finishing it she can put it up on a wall as a decor! You can create the puzzle here! Just upload a picture – you and your mom, her pet, or her favorite landscape – the possibilities are endless. 

I’ll have a coffee with a memory, please – custom photo coasters

Moms are usually tidy and a bit… pedantic. Moms are also always on the run and doing something that requires energy, so coffee is their lifesaver and number one friend. Mix those up and what do you get? A coaster! Whether you get your mom a single coaster or a set of 4, she will appreciate this gift, because it is not only heartwarming but actually considerate and something she can use around her house. Here you can create a personalized coaster set tailored especially for your mom, and every time she drinks her morning coffee, she will have a little reminder of you. 

For the sweet tooth – personalized box of chocolates

Some moms don’t like sweets, but some are crazy about them… especially chocolate. And what better way to make her happy than a box of chocolates!? Make your custom chocolate box here! Personalize the box with a lovely photo and a text greeting, and you’re good to go! You can also choose from a variety of different shapes and sizes of the Milka chocolates. This for sure will put a smile on your mom’s face, warm her heart and satisfy her sweet tooth. And don’t worry, next year you can give her a healthy fruit basket to balance it out.  

Capture a moment in time – custom photo clock

Time flows, but memories stay still. A custom photo clock will give your mom a chance to recall a favorite person, moment, or place each time she checks the time. It’s a great way to display your mom’s favorite vacation, wedding, or collective family photo to give her a smile every day. Here you can choose the design and the picture you want to display on the clock. This will be a great addition to your mom’s kitchen, bedroom, or living room. 

Wrap her up in memories – a personalized fleece blanket

Snuggling up on the sofa with a snack and a movie after a long day is what every mom deserves. Because they work so much and love us so much, the least we can do is give them the warmth that reminds us of our love for them. So what better gift than a customized fleece blanket that will keep her warm with your love all year round? You can personalize the blanket here – just add photos and text or create a collage. This is the perfect gift because it gives your mom the coziness she deserves and a way to keep her loved ones close to her. 


Show your mom you love and appreciate her with a custom gift just for her. The possibilities are endless – you can give her something as simple such as a coaster set, or create something original – like a custom photo lamp from Uniqcube. And remember – there is no specific day needed to celebrate your mom, but honoring her on Mother’s Day will make her feel special and proud. 

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By Una Balode

A third-year journalism student with a passion for video montage and horror movies. Una loves being creative and learning something new every day, whether it is writing, painting, or embroidering. Having a huge spot in her heart for movies, her dream is to once create a successful documentary.

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