About us

Bring a touch of uniqueness to your room with UNIQCUBE!

UNIQCUBE is not a boring lamp, just the opposite – each of our light cubes has a colorful, unique, and inspiring story to tell. Also, the cube is designed to be playful and lightweight so that you can easily carry it around the room or poke it without worrying of damaging it as it is not fragile.

UNIQCUBE was founded in 2014 in Northern Europeʼs Baltic region, in Latvia.
Anna Sedleniece invented the UNIQCUBE concept, and her brother architect Atis Sedlenieks is the lead designer.

Atis: “As an architect and artist, I have an unstoppable urge to make the world a better and more visually-appealing place. When Anna first introduced the concept to me, I was very skeptical. I decided to challenge myself to see if I could turn an ordinary, white cube into an amazing piece of art. Now we are excited to present you the UNIQCUBE with no regrets.”

Our vision

Everything starts with light, and our vision is to use this phenomenon to create a piece of art that makes the world a better and more visually-appealing place. However, as each of us see light through different eyes, we want to help people to enclose themselves with an art they enjoy the most. With UNIQCUBE this is possible!


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