About us

Set the right mood or add a touch of uniqueness!

UNIQCUBE is the first personalized light cube! Create truly personal and vivid visual displays for your home, business or friends filling each side with photos, images, text, patterns, your own artworks or drawings, anything! You can also upload them from your Instagram & Facebook. Start designing your lamp via our online lamp designer here!

Here you can also choose one of our pre-designed lamps –  each of them having a colorful, unique, and inspiring story to tell. The cube is designed to be playful and lightweight so that you can easily carry it around the room or poke it without worrying of damaging it as it is not fragile.

UNIQCUBE started its journey in 2016 in Northern Europeʼs Baltic region, in Latvia though over the years we have expanded having our headquarters in both Riga and New York.
Anna Sedleniece invented the UNIQCUBE concept, her brother architect Atis Sedlenieks is the lead designer, and Nauris Kolāts is the lead web developer / designer.

Our vision

Everything starts with light, and our vision is to use this phenomenon to help people to enclose themselves with an atmosphere they enjoy the most.