Light Up Photo Cube and other Trendy Lighting Sources for Your Home


By Lonija Kazlauska

Appropriate lighting plays a more important role in the overall feel of the room than most people might think. The selection shall fall towards the best and brightest. In a world full of shining, it is vital to find the light to illuminate for your space. The world of lighting is vast – floor lights, plaster lights or a light up photo cubes. So there’s plenty to choose from. In this article we will share some guidance on how to select the one shimmering light which will reign supreme.

Spruce up the Room with Light 

Even nowadays nothing can beat natural light. Making sure enough daylight hits your rooms can not only make them look better, it is a way to showcase your natural values and minimalist mindset. Of course, the task is not easy when your home has small windows, high ceilings. It may be so not much sun hits your living space during the day. There is a way out, though. When decorating your home, ensure the windows are not cramped up with grand curtains or tall furniture. If having lots of natural light is a no go for you, there is a neat way to shine a light in your room with some artificial light sources. Amongst these are the classic ceiling lamps, pendant lamps or a novel item – light up photo cube.

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  • Use dimmer switches to adapt your light to changes throughout the day
    Dimmer switches can be a true helper when it comes to light adaptations throughout the day. Take control over your lighting and save up on energy consumption.
  • Pick multiple fully custom light up photo cubes
    This light source from Uniqcube can be placed anywhere around the house. Either hang it from the ceiling or put it on any surface. Light up photo cube will not only light up any corner of your room, it can also be fully matching your decor. It definitely is an entertaining item to have around.
  • Change light bulbs for brighter ones (look at the labels on packaging)
    If there is no way to transform your apartment by adding a light source, change lightbulbs to brighter ones. Your apartment can significantly brighten up starting from 75kW (1000 lumen) lightbulb.
  • Have the LED floor lamp in the dark corners to enlarge the space
    Light up a poorly lit room by investing in some floor lighting. It will not only increase the visibility in your living space, but also make the room appear visually larger. 
  • Place mirrors strategically (facing the light sources)
    Place mirrors to reflect the natural and artificial light to enlarge, brighten up and shine up the space. Mirrors will not only reflect the incoming light, they will reflect the space as well. It is a neat trick for smaller spaces. 
  • Cut back any foliage covering the windows
    If there is any vegetation in front of your windows – bushes, branched trees or any other plants blocking your sunlight, trim any excess pieces off. It will brighten up your space. Such an elegant trick to fill your space with natural light. 

The Latest Lighting source trends

If you want to leave an impression that lasts on anyone who enters your home, an a grand lighting source is a way to go. Whether it is a table lamp, chandelier, or a crisp white plaster light, you can mix and match all of them. There are multiple trends which to follow, if dazing your guests is the aim. 

Oversized chandeliers

Chandelier with a light up photo cube
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These are the newest thing in town if your space allows you to go big or go home. They are a perfect fit for huge rooms and ceilings above 15ft, but some styles can be adapted for smaller spaces.

Light up photo cube 

custom lamp light up photo cube
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This piece comes in a variety of designs or you can design it yourself. The key is to fit it into your interior exactly. There are styles and shapes for every taste and budget. You can have a glass 3D printed photo cube, an actual cube shaped lamp or a DIY lamp with photos (tutorial can be found here).

Plaster light

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This is the most subtle of them all. Simple lamp which can be invisible as well as visibly minimalistic. It will look wonderful in a range of spaces. As it is not that easy to install and mainly invisible, it can be the finishing touch of your room. As you can mount it into a wall for it to be completely hidden. In some cases that can be a hassle. But if you find a brand that is easier to manage and a good crew to do it, you should be set. 

Layered lighting

LAyered lighting in an outdoor space with light up photo cube
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Multiple layers of light create a different mood and ambiance. It can add up to natural sunlight during the day or ensure a dim atmosphere for evening movie night. They can even make a small space visually larger. Complemented with mirrors, layered lights will be the start of your night. You can hide some of the layers behind a mirror or even inside it, sky is the limit. 

Pendant lighting

Multiple pendant lamps
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Your ceiling can be embellished with multiple glass or pendant lamps. That will add a little to the overall glow, create a homey feeling and will support your minimalistic or rustic style. They will be the cute finishing touch of any home decor. 

What is a Light up Photo Cube?

Light up photo cube from uniqcube on a sofa
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A light up photo cube is a piece you can’t go wrong with. It is a lighting source that will make your nights brighter and fill the room with light. Uniqcube – a lightsource to impress as well as illuminate. It is fit for any space, surface or place. You can use it as a table lamp or hang it form the ceiling. It also is fully customizable. Print it all around with your best pics, or just leave it plain in color of your choice. Decorate it with any pattern, photos, or even logos of your favorite pizza place. It has six sides and each of them can be different. 

How to pick the right light up photo cube?

When choosing a light up photo cube to be just right, think about the color scheme to fit your interior. It is important to keep color samples of the interior nearby when selecting the perfect cube online. Focus your search on the customizable cubes, with efortless design tools.

Most cubes come in a standard style – a generic cube with a lightbulb having photos all over, others – as an illuminated crystal cube with your photo engraved inside. If the first one is used as a lamp, there is not much utility in the latter. The choice is yours – to have a piece of interior adjusted to your style or a dust collector for the shelf.  


 Throughout time light has been associated with brightness of the mind and education. Nevermind the symbolic meaning, a good lighting source is a crucial part of every interior. There are so many things to be mindful of and trends to follow, when you design the perfect home. A customizable light up photo cube from Uniqcube is the perfect choice if you are undecisive about the exact style or shape of the light source. It is modern, yet minimalistic enough, and can be fully adapted to your interior. Nevertheless it is crucial to think of the appropriate appearance of other light sources and their placement. 

By Lonija Kazlauska

First there was light. Once it was bright enough to see words on paper, I begun writing. Composing wordy letters to my friends (yes, in the age before the internet) and diary entries. It continued with much shorter tweets and grew into longer creative writing. Raised on Greek myths as bedtime stories, I love all things literature.

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