Customizable lamp, disposable camera & more – refreshing summertime gifts for 2023!


By Una Balode

Spring is in its full bloom now and summer is already around the corner, which means it is time to celebrate this colorful season! Make your friends and loved ones happy with these 10 gifts that will bring the sunshine into their houses and hearts. Celebrate birthdays, weddings, or graduations! Or maybe just treat yourself because you deserve it! In this list, you will see it all – from house decors like this customizable lamp from Uniqcube, to a disposable camera for your friends that like to be on the move and travel in the summer. There is something for everyone!

customizable lamp from Uniqcube

For the homebody – Customizable lamp from Uniqcube

Some people party, some travel, but some just want to stay home and read a book. We all have that one friend that loves summer for its nostalgic and calm feeling – the nights are bright, the stars are shining, and there is nothing better than hearing the birds singing as the sun comes up. This customizable lamp from Uniqcube will be the perfect gift for your sentimental friend who’d rather stay inside – this huge customizable cube lamp will give their room that comfy and nostalgic atmosphere. If you’re not feeling up to personalizing it yourself, get something from the ready-made designs, like the Summer Night lamp or Know Your Stars lamp.

tote bag

For the explorer – Tote bag

Summer is the right time for exploring the city, the countryside, or your little hometown. It’s such a great activity – getting together with your friends and visiting abandoned buildings, beautiful parks, or creepy old castles. Gift this tote bag to that person who is always on the way to find new places and make new memories. Mix it with the 5th gift from this list for the full effect!

indoor garden

For the busy one – Indoor garden

Do you know that full-time student/worker who doesn’t have too much time on their hands because they’re always up to their neck in new projects? Give them this indoor garden – that way, they can get the freshest greens from the comfort of their home. Remember, it is important to eat healthily at all times! It is a bit pricey, but it’s worth it! 

For the dad – Grilling toolset

This is a great gift for your dad. But honestly, it’s fitting for everyone who has that “dad energy”. I’m talking about the grilling person. Also known as the one at the BBQ party who is always controlling the grill and not letting anyone near it. They’re the experts. Maybe they like it or maybe everyone just one day decided to give them the “grilling person” title. Either way, they will appreciate this portable 9-piece grilling set. 

 For the traveler – Disposable camera

Nothing is more fun than a disposable camera! Of course, taking pictures with your phone is okay, but the thrill of not knowing how the picture is going to look after you take it is so exciting! For someone who travels a lot during their summer vacation, this gift is ideal– it helps to not take the picture-taking process so seriously, and makes you appreciate the moment more. After all, you have only a couple of chances to get it right!

 For the party animal – Wine glasses

The party people are waking up as it gets warmer outside. They know where the heat is. To make their summer beach party experiences even more outstanding and festive, get them some original drinkware – find out the drink of their choice and get creative. Yes, it’s okay to give someone simply a wine bottle as a gift, but you can always make it more interesting, for example with these fun wine glasses.

For the gym-lover – Water bottle

Whether they have been working out for years as a habit or just started working out at home to get that summer body they have always wished for, a water bottle is the gift for them. This is a great and affordable present for anyone – someone who lifts weights, rides a bike, or just takes long walks. Remember to hydrate!

For the sunbather – Baseball cap

Everyone knows that summer is the sunbathing season. It’s all about relaxing by the pool, or just chilling by the beach and playing volleyball with your friends. It’s nice to get a tan, but it is always important to note the fact that strong sunshine is not always great for your body. That’s why you should always get a hat to avoid getting a heatstroke! For your heat-loving loved ones get this baseball cap to protect them! There are more than a hundred designs to choose from here!

For the smoothie-lover – Blender

Do you know that one person that always spends money on overpriced milkshakes, smoothies, and iced coffees? Do you know that one person that is always very hot and tired? Or maybe the person that wants to eat healthily but cannot seem to get it right? Get them this portable USB smoothie blender ASAP! This gift opens up a new world – they will get addicted to it because it is so easy to use it! 

For the romantic – Picnic blanket

This gift might be the ultimate anniversary gift – a picnic blanket! Summer always brings the prettiest sunsets and sunrises, and what better way to watch them than on a comfy picnic blanket? Spending time in a park or by the beach with your friends or family is the perfect way to celebrate the hot summer days and breathe some fresh air. Get some snacks, drinks, a board game, and get out there in the sun!


Summertime brings a million reasons to celebrate – whether they’re weddings, birthdays, graduations, or just summer parties, there will always be a need for the perfect gift for your loved ones and friends. Whether they are a crazy BBQ griller, a party animal, or someone who just loves to relax by the beach, it is significant to get gifts that they will actually use and appreciate. Show them your love and thoughtfulness by getting gifts that show that you know them – for the homebody get a customizable lamp from Uniqcube, for the avid explorer – a tote bag. And remember to treat yourself as well! 

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By Una Balode

A third-year journalism student with a passion for video montage and horror movies. Una loves being creative and learning something new every day, whether it is writing, painting, or embroidering. Having a huge spot in her heart for movies, her dream is to once create a successful documentary.

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