10 uplifting gifts to cheer up your loved ones – customize a lamp for them, make a mixtape, and more!


By Una Balode

Life may seem unbearable right now. We catch ourselves and our loved ones feeling fed up with the world, and the old things don’t seem to spark the joy that they used to. Fighting with these emotions takes lots of work, but a gift for sure can make the darkest day a bit more sunny. If you want to make your dispirited loved one a bit happier, you can give them something customized, something that comforts and supports them, helps with self-care and distracts them from their negative thoughts just for a moment. So, thoughtfulness is the key when trying to find a gift for someone having a rough patch. This list will help you choose the most fitting gift for your friend or family member that is having a difficult time – you can either customize lamp for them, make them a mixtape, or simply spend time with them. 
Presenting a thoughtful gift to your loved ones shows that you care and are there to help them, but remember to take care of yourself as well! Treat yourself!

customize lamp

1. Customize lamp from Uniqcube – brightening their day

Light is a symbol of positivity and the opposite of darkness. So to show your loved one that there is light and hope out there, this customize lamp that looks like a cube will work perfectly. It will not only brighten up any room and give it a restful and homely atmosphere, but bring joy to them every time they look at it. You can customize lamp in any way you see fit – design it with funny photographs, and delightful landscapes or fill it with uplifting quotes or jokes so you give them a reason to smile.

comfy blanket

2. Socks or blankets – warming them up

A simple pair of fuzzy socks has been a great gift for centuries now, and why wouldn’t it– they warm our toes and hearts. Same with blankets or pillows– you’re offering comfort and love literally and figuratively. And a plush toy could be a fitting gift for someone who might be alone but needs some warmth, for example, get them this huge bear to hug.


3. Books or poetry – getting lost in words

When fighting with depression or negative thoughts, it helps to delve into something thrilling and exciting. Books can help – thrillers, romance, or ghost stories – those for sure can help mute the outside world. If your loved one doesn’t enjoy fiction, give them something inspiring and motivational, for example, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.


4. A mixtape – connecting through music

It seems that cassette mixtapes are only shown in movies as a way to show your romantic feelings for someone. Maybe it was like that in the past, but today a mixtape can be a thoughtful gift for anyone you love – either romantic or platonic. It is an amazing gift for someone who’s fighting depression because you can personalize this gift ANY way you like and it costs close to nothing. Buy a CD or a flash drive if you want it to be more tangible, or if not, the closest way to a mixtape could be a personalized Spotify playlist made especially for them. Or you can get this amazing flash drive that looks just like a cassette tape.


5. DIY kits or puzzles – passing time

When someone is stuck inside and doesn’t want to be social, it is wise to help them find something to do inside that still requires even a tiny bit of their brain work. Good examples are puzzles and “paint by numbers” pictures – they are relaxing, they help pass time and in the end, it feels like a huge accomplishment. For someone who might want to learn a new hobby, you can give them any sort of DIY kit – like this Mini Terrarium kit.

pampering yourself

6. Self-care products – pampering them

Anyone can benefit from a little self-care. It is something that cheers us up and helps us relax and unwind. And because for a depressed person, it can feel like nothing really matters, at that moment self-care and health aren’t their main focus. Products like bath bombs, hand creams, and face masks can be great reminders for your loved one that it is important to take care of yourself because – a healthy body, happy mind! Check out these Lush Bath bomb gift sets.

fairy lights

7. Fairy lights and fake plants – cozying up their room

Tidying up your room can seem like the most difficult task ever when you’re going through dark times. So you can give your friend something that gives their room that comfy feeling without actually really cleaning up and organizing. One of these things can be fairy lights or lava lamps because they can give any room a homely and festive feeling in seconds. Same with candles – not only do they create a calming atmosphere in a room but also smell good. Plants can also make a room a bit more lively. But remember – don’t give them real house plants, because you certainly don’t want to give them a chore right now – these fake succulents will do the job.


8. Comfort snacks – feeding their tummies and hearts

Food is always a good gift. For someone who’s having a hard time, it can be genuinely thoughtful to provide them the convenience of having a tasty snack right at home. Make them a basket of their favorite foods and they will thank you forever (or at least till they run out). Try to include not only sweets but secretly sprinkle in some healthy ones as well – nuts, tasty fruits, and granola bars.


9. Tickets to a stand-up comedy show – laughing together

This might be for someone who is ready to go outside and socialize, but you might need to do this together. Offer your friend tickets to a comedy show that is happening near you, because with what is going on around the world right now, a smile is something that everyone needs. If stand-up comedy is not something they enjoy, cinema tickets to a comedy movie or a play are also great alternatives. 


10. Togetherness – spending time with them

This seems like a no-brainer, but it really could be the one and only gift someone needs in their dark times. Either watch a movie together, go shopping for groceries or take a walk in the park and go for ice cream. For someone who is not feeling their best, someone who listens and gives a warm shoulder can be the best help.


Because the world can seem a bit dark and sad at times, we can get sad too. It is necessary to show your loved ones that you are there for them, and a little gift can go a long way for someone who is going through a rough patch. Try to find something for their taste – whether you customize lamp for them, make a tasty snack basket, or go to a stand-up comedy show with them. During this time we need to be there for each other. 

Image credit: pexels.com

By Una Balode

A third-year journalism student with a passion for video montage and horror movies. Una loves being creative and learning something new every day, whether it is writing, painting, or embroidering. Having a huge spot in her heart for movies, her dream is to once create a successful documentary.

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