Customized lamps: cherry on top of your interior design


By Laura Jasmane

Light is the symbol of everything good. Light is hope, creation, a new day. But it is not only a magical symbol. It’s also a powerful interior design element. Light has the gift to completely change the mood of a room. And the mood around us modifies us.

In this blog post, I will introduce you to one type of light source – customized lamps. Knowing that a better light is a better you, I’ll tell you how customized lamps can improve your home. What makes them such a great design addition? And why a personalized lamp might be your next gift choice? Let’s start with the basics:

What makes customized lamps special?

Customized lamps are lamps that can be personalized by yourself. Simply pick your photos or images and add them to the lamp’s design. The result is an effortlessly attainable item that’s made exclusively for you. Because of their easy personalization, customized lamps are a popular gift choice.

We live in times when money is capable of getting us almost anything. A magic fairy called Amazon lets us purchase items from all around the world. As a result, surprising friends and family with something original is getting harder and harder. A lamp is an original gift choice (can you remember the last time when someone gifted you a lamp?). But a customized one – you can be sure of its uniqueness.

But don’t be fooled with the argument of originality. No matter how original, no one wants a gift that’s hidden somewhere and collecting dust. You want to give an item that’s original, yet useful and gives lasting happiness. Besides its originality, a customized lamp is a practical item that will be used daily and is the perfect addition to any interior design. Why? Because…

…you can’t go wrong

There is a type of illumination that interior designers call layered illumination or layer lighting. This idea is based on three types of lighting: Number one is the Ambient, sometimes called Overall lighting. It’s the basic illumination of every room. The second one is Task lighting. Task lighting consists of lamps that help you to provide illumination for tasks like reading, doing make-up, etc. And then there’s Accent lighting. Accent lighting doesn’t illuminate the whole room. It creates little illuminated spots and becomes the eye-catcher of the room.

A kitchen showing ambient, task and accent lighting
Number one is ambient lighting, number two – task lighting, and number three – accent lighting. These three types of light sources put together achieve a layered lighting look.

By using these three types of lighting in your home you achieve layered illumination. Layered lighting works by creating contrasts. The contrast between dark and light moments prevents the room from having a boring and flat one-dimensional look. It gives richness, colorfulness, and freshness.

A living room with layered lighting
The pending lamp in the center of this living room illuminates itself, not the room. But it certainly catches the eye and gives the room the accent it needed.

Accent lighting can be formed using many types of lamps – something designer made or simple string lights will reach the same effect.

Many customized lamps can be regarded as accent lighting. They illuminate one spot of the room, being in harmony with the general lighting of the room. And this illuminated spot will be a stylish complement for any room because…

…the most stylish design object of your home is YOU

There are so many interior design items, yet the possibility of someone else having the same kind of lamp is huge. Customized lamps, on the contrary, are absolutely unique. Forget about IKEA, a customized lamp is a guarantee of having a one-of-a-kind item. It’s an object you design by yourself, giving it an inimitable value. A personalized lamp will give your home a touch of your personality. Come and find more home interior design ideas in this personalized lamp list made by Odeta.

You have the power to evoke something beautiful

The ultimate reason why customized lamps make great interior design elements and excellent gifts  – they inspire a feeling. When purchasing a lamp for yourself or choosing it as a gift, you get much more than an item. You get a feeling the light will create every time its light fills the room.

A colorful personalized lamp is perfect for a living room. We desire for our living room to feel relaxing and cozy, yet active and joyful. For this reason, a colorful accent in a living room is a necessity. For many of us choosing bright colors for furniture might seem to be a daring. We fear that bright colors will overwhelm and bore us rapidly. Picking accessories in vibrant colors is a safer choice with an identical effect. A bright customized lamp or a cushion will easily freshen up the room.

Get stoned - Custom lamp by Uniqcube

For the bedroom more serene, calm colors and design are appropriate. Customized lamps can create a relaxing dim light, which is what we aim for in a bedroom. This also makes them a great choice for a children’s room. Having a lamp whose design has kid’s favorite cartoon character is a special extra.


Customized lamps are an easy manner to improve your home interior design. Personalization lets you pick or create the perfect lamp design that’s 100% original and at the same time fits your needs and desires. Customized lamps can be used as accent lighting that will visually enrich and refresh your or your gift recipients’ home.

By Laura Jasmane

Laura got passioned for writing while studying for her philosophy degree. For this reason, gift-giving is a subject she likes to explore from a philosophical point of view. It gives her a chance to catch the extraordinary in the ordinary.

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