Unique personalized gift ideas for your boyfriend 2022


By Odeta Ozoliņa

Are you currently facing the annual struggle of finding just the right gift for your boyfriend’s birthday, your anniversary or any other thoughtful celebration? We get it- finding a unique product among hundreds of ordinary gifts, especially for the guy “who has everything” may be difficult. If you wish to show an extraordinary way of your love and appreciation for your significant other on that meaningful day, we have assembled a collection of personalized gift ideas for your boyfriend we guarantee will surprise him more than ever.

Bond Touch bracelets

If you and your boyfriend are currently in a long-distance relationship, a pair of Bond Touch bracelets is the gift you absolutely need. Give one bracelet to your boyfriend, keep the other one for yourself. With just a simple tap on top of the bracelet, your loved one feels the vibration of the touch on their bracelet, no matter if you are right next to each other or on the other side of the planet. The bracelets are customizable in 8 different colors and provided with a Bond Touch app that can be used to track your loved one’s location, to view past touch history and many other fascinating features. Feel more connected than ever and remind your significant other of how much they mean to you through a simple touch.

New York Times Custom Anniversary Book

For couples that have shared multiple years of their life by each other’s side and have experienced numerous anniversaries together, the New York Times Custom Anniversary Book is the personal gift for boyfriend that will preserve the countless of shared memories within its pages. The book features every New York Times front page since the day you started dating, up to your most recent anniversary. Watch as the most noteworthy World events you have experienced as a couple during the years of your relationship unfold within the stories and the headlines of each page, evoking you to remember how much you have grown as a couple in an ever-changing World. This exceptional anthology of your romance comes in a quality hard cover, embellished with your and your partner’s name, as well as the date of the beginning of your relationship.

Customcuff jewellery – a romantic personalized gift for boyfriend

Every couple holds one significant location in their hearts. Whether it’s the spot where you first met each other or the café you had your first date at, there is likely a place that you and your boyfriend call your own. If you wish to preserve the eternal memories attached to that location, Customcuff provides a selection of cuffs and necklaces that can be personalized to add the coordinates of the one special dot on the map. These minimal-yet-meaningful jewellery items are customizable in color and size and guarantee that the lucky recipient will cherish this as a reminder of your love.

American Vinyl Co. custom record albums

If you and your significant other are both fanatics of great music and appreciate products with a vintage appeal, an American Vinyl Co. custom record album is the perfect personalized gift for your boyfriend. Handmade with care, American Vinyl Co. offers you the chance to add your favourite tunes to a vinyl, as well as design your own individual cover. Whether you wish to create a playlist of your and your partner’s most treasured golden oldies or a selection of his all-time favourite songs, a personal vinyl is guaranteed to create a unique personal resonance. Preserve your most valued songs in a physical copy and remind him of your love and appreciation through your musical experiences.

Kitmen Keung watches

Here’s another one for long-distance lovers! If you and your boyfriend are separated by time zones, Kitmen Keung watches will help you keep track of each other’s routines and daily habits, even if you’re currently on different parts of the World. Not only is design sleek and carefully hand-crafted, it allows you to feel the presence of your significant other at any time of the day, to always be reminded of what’s it like on their side of the World. Keung’s design allows you to set two time zones, one with a dark finish and a second with a light finish, making this a stylish and thoughtful personal gift.


Photo frames and displays are usually gifts everyone has received for years on end just to put them on their desk at work or their nightstand. If you’d like to gift your boyfriend a showcase of your absolute favourite moments with each other, but step it up a notch from the regular photo frames, UNIQCUBE lamps offer a completely new way of displaying your most valued memories. Shaped like a cube, a UNIQCUBE lamp’s design is completely up to you. Using the online lamp designer on the website, upload your own pictures, artwork, patterns or text and create the ultimate display of what your relationship looks like. Purchase the lamp and watch your favourite memories light up in front of your eyes, reminding you of your most unforgettable moments spent by each other’s side.

ambient light cube lamp personalized photo lamp

It’s your turn!

There are endless of possibilities when it comes to gifts, but we guarantee that well thought-out personalized gift for your boyfriend never fail to evoke a special feeling in his heart. Which of the gifts will your boyfriend receive this season?

By Odeta Ozoliņa

Having lived in four different countries in her lifetime, Odeta would define herself as nothing short of a travel enthusiast. Excited to interact with people from all over the world, she possesses a great passion for language and communicating thoughts into words.

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