Photo lamps – the bright future of gift giving


By Laura Jasmane

The world is changing rapidly. We need new products that satisfy our ever-changing needs and desires. That’s exactly what photo lamps can do. They are fresh items that combine the newest cultural and technological novelties. Keep reading and find out what makes photo lamps the future of gifts.

The peak of visual culture

Years ago taking photos was a special event. The generally used 35mm photo film provided us with the opportunity to take no more or less than 36 photos. After taking the photos came the walk to the photo salon. Then the waiting for your photos to be developed. And finally, viewing them. Everything that had to do with photography used to be a ritual.

Today taking, sharing, and viewing photos is easy. These activities are everyday habits we often don’t even think about. It’s estimated that in 2020 we will take about 1.4 trillion photos. The population of Earth reached 7.8 billion this march. This means about 158 photos for each person on the Earth. Impressive.

Taking into account the vast number of photos taken every single day, its no wonder one of today’s most popular social media is Instagram. Often named a cultural phenomenon, Instagram is a platform based on photo and video sharing. It’s proved that Instagram Influencers have changed our shopping habits. 72% of Instagram users claim this social media app has affected their shopping decisions. But that’s only the surface of this issue. Instagram has transformed our idea of beauty, health, the design of cities, and even the food we eat. Even if you are not an Instagram user, the influence this social media platform has on our lives is tremendous. Instagram creates a new reality.

A photo lamp with design on an Instagram post
The link between photo lamps and visual culture is both direct and indirect: this photo lamp’s design is your chosen Instagram post.

Visual images are everywhere. The practice of taking, posting, and exploring images is a part of our lives. It’s no wonder products like photo lamps are gaining more and more popularity. Photo lamps provide the opportunity to display our lives. And in this manner, establish the idea of who we are. If you choose a photo lamp as a gift, it will help to nurture your relationship with its recipient. Simply put, photo lamps let us be a part of today’s trend – the visual culture.

Photo lamps – a legacy of great minds

The development of new technology has led us to many modern products. One of these items is photo lamps.

The story of a photo lamp starts with the invention of the first light bulb. The most popular figure regarding the light bulb’s invention is Thomas Edison. However, Edison is just one of the people involved in this innovation. According to, Edison improved the light bulb made by Joseph Swan. Swan’s light bulb worked well, but it wasn’t efficient enough to make it a household item. After copyright disputes, both Swan and Edison created a light bulb factory named “Edison-Swan United”. Formed in 1883, it was then the world’s largest manufacturer of light bulbs.

The invention of the light bulb has brought us to the white LED light’s emergence in the 1990s. White LED light was such a revolution, that in 2014 its inventors received a Nobel Price in Physics. All this because of the many benefits LED lights bring.

A LED photo lamp depicting a family
In order to achieve your photo design, this photo lamp uses LED light.

Comparing to the traditional light bulb, LEDs have an impressively longer lifespan. According to, the traditional incandescent light bulb on average works to 1.200 hours, while a LED will light up your house for about 50.000 hours. LEDs are also energy efficient and environmentally safe. But the most important characteristics in this case: LEDs are physically small and they emit almost no heat. This makes them easily usable in any type of design you can imagine. And create items that meet your desires, like photo lamps.

With a few scrolls

Over the last few years, the online gift market has been constantly growing. And the lockdown has amplified this effect. Online shopping today partly replaces offline purchases. Following that, gift-getting online is gaining more and more importance.

Purchasing photo lamps online is fast and easy. In today’s world, these two factors are essential. You only have to pick the right photo lamp for you. With a few clicks upload your chosen photo and purchase it from any place of the world you’re at.

mini personalized lamp light cube baby teddy bear
UNIQCUBE provides more space for your photos.

And crucially for a gift, a photo lamp is a completely personalized item. In this case, the photo is not an addition. It’s the foundation of this item. Photo lamps are things that express your individuality. If you are looking for a gift, a photo lamp will perfectly fit your loved one’s personality.


Photo lamps are a heritage of the world we live in today. The importance of visual image, the development of new technology, and the conditions of today are decisive in making an item that fulfills the desires and necessities of the customer. This makes photo lamps the gifts of the future.

By Laura Jasmane

Laura got passioned for writing while studying for her philosophy degree. For this reason, gift-giving is a subject she likes to explore from a philosophical point of view. It gives her a chance to catch the extraordinary in the ordinary.

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