Easy peasy.. 5 custom photo lamps for carefree gift-giving


By Laura Jasmane

Gift-giving is a crucial part of special occasions. Giving your loved one an item that truly makes them happy is a great satisfaction. But sometimes finding the right gift is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I am here to make your life easier. In this post, you will find custom photo lamps for each of the five popular gift-giving occasions. These 5 items will make your life simple, and your loved ones – happy.

Mother’s love has no boundaries

Is your mum’s phone packed with photos of her children or grandchildren? Is she excited and sharing every image you send to her? It might be the moment to help out your mum and empty her phone’s memory. Forget about old-fashioned photo frames. Surprise her with an item that carries her favorite images in a fresh look. A custom photo lamp will enlighten her home with photos of her dearest ones.

Custom photo lamp Uniqcube

We all know that a mother’s love has no limits. For this reason, not any custom photo lamp will do the thing. With this in mind, for Mother’s Day, I have picked a custom photo lamp Uniqcube. Its exclusive design of 6 sides gives you more space for more photos. And six is even not the limit. You can choose to make a collage out of the best photos your mother has forgotten about.

This leads us to other Uniqcube’s advantage: the online designer tool. Adding photos with it is simple and so easy it could be done from your mum’s phone while she’s not watching. Yet the most important thing is that the online designer tool gives you total creative freedom and confidence in the result. You can be sure this gift will be exactly what you expected and will pull on your mother’s heartstrings.

I’ll be home for Christmas, you can count on me…

…melancholically sings Bill Crosby in his well known Christmas hit. Indeed, Christmas is the time to go home and be with your family. A gift doesn’t mean anything if no one’s face lightens up when you give it to them. That’s why one of the best gifts you can give is appreciation and love for your closest ones. Make them remember the many moments you have enjoyed throughout the years.

Handcrafted 35mm slide custom photo lamp shade

Personalize custom photo lamps with the photos of your loved ones. The act of taking and displaying photos is more important to your family than you could have had thought. Its even science: the associate professor at Cornell University Lee Humphreys says that photos can boost the identity of your family as a unit. Custom photo lamps can unite your family and this makes them the perfect gift for a warm Christmas evening together.

Enjoy each other’s company

Valentine’s Day is a celebrated event in many countries. Spaniards have their whimsical nickname for this day. Associating Valentine’s Day with shopping for gifts, they nicknamed this day in the name of one of Spain’s most popular shopping centers – El Día del Corte Inglés or The day of Corte Inglés. Whilst in Philipines Valentine’s Day is the day when traditionally many couples get married, resulting in mass weddings.

A custom photo lamp shade with a photo of a couple

It’s no wonder Valentine’s Day is celebrated everywhere. This day is important because it’s the day only for two of you. Postpone your work issues, forget about undone tasks left at home, and focus only on two of you. A Valentine’s Day gift has to be something personal. You are looking for something meaningful that symbolizes your relationship. And the experiences together are the ones that symbolize your connection the best. Remember the most romantic, funny, sweet moments. Recall the serene nights and crazy days or the crazy nights and serene days together. Have these memories always in your place as a reminder of the favorite bits of your tie.

Custom photo lamps – highlight the best of him or her

Birthdays are special events. More special than any other celebration. Why? Because Birthday is your day. It’s the day you change your age, officially becoming one year older. Its true, age does not define us. Neither it should limit us. But still, reaching a new age is an event that makes us reflect on our lives. Birthdays allow us for a moment to see our lives as a whole. They make us contemplate our accomplishments and plan the ones yet to come. For this reason, custom photo lamps can make the perfect birthday gift.

A photo light box

A photo absolutely is worth a thousand words. It is one of the best manners to highlight the best of him or her. Show how witty, adventurous, charming, and sparkling this person is for you. Custom photo lamps are completely personalized gifts radiating his or her individuality.

Father – a special and unique role

We did have a custom photo lamp for your mum. But what about your dad? In the USA Father’s Day was celebrated for the first time in 1910. Held on the third Sunday of June, it honors father’s role in family and society. Yet, compared to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is often forgotten. Let’s keep Father’s Day alive and make celebrating this day a habit in your family.

Father’s role in a family is a unique one. He has been there for you. He has protected you and given the best he could. Give him a present that symbolizes the gratitude you feel for him. Just like your relationship with your father, custom photo lamps are unique items. Show him what he means to you with a photo of the sweetest memory.


Finding the perfect gift is not easy. With the help with this list, you will find 5 custom photo lamps and reasons why they make great gifts.

Image credit: https://thelearningcorp.com

By Laura Jasmane

Laura got passioned for writing while studying for her philosophy degree. For this reason, gift-giving is a subject she likes to explore from a philosophical point of view. It gives her a chance to catch the extraordinary in the ordinary.

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