7 Original Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas in 2022


By Lukass Lielamurs

Weddings for most people symbolize love, joy and mutual trust. They are designed to unite two people and their lives together to form a beautiful union filled with love and happiness. While these joyous emotions and memories are the heart of weddings, wedding gifts are also a part of this ceremony. But what do you do when you have no idea what to gift the groom or bride? Another set of kitchen utensils or boring gift cards? No! We suggest you to choose a personalized wedding gift that the recipients will be delighted and surprised to receive as they are more interesting, unique, detailed and personal. Below you will find a collection of 7 different wedding gifts that can be personalized for weddings.

Art as a Personalized Wedding Gift

Art has the ability to capture emotions and convey a meaningful message without words. Why not commission a painting from an artist that you like as a wedding gift? There are many online platforms that allow you to choose an artist you would like to commission based on price, return speed, quality, style, or medium. If you are up for a challenge, then you could commission a sculpture artist to create a meaningful symbol as a room décor that symbolizes something important to the couple and that they would love to see every day, for example, a sculpture of two love birds or a heart. If the couple more traditional, then consider gifting a digital portrait painting of them in a realistic style. If they are more fun loving and free spirited, then watercolor illustration with bright colors of the couple getting married could be the right choice. The best thing about gifting art as a wedding gift is that it can have a deep meaning, it can be personalized, and if the couple is an art enthusiast then they will definitely appreciate your gift!

Personalized art painting for weddings

Custom Coasters

Are you looking for something that is practical but still personalized? Custom coasters are a great option for couples that love to share beautiful mornings together while sipping a cup of coffee or tea. These coasters can be made from wood, paper or stone. You can order a custom symbol to be engraved, or it is possible to write the married couple’s names or initials on the coaster. The design options are countless due to the fact that there is such a variety of colors, materials, designs, pictures, symbols and quotes to choose from! Coasters are a simple and thoughtful gift that the couple will be able to use not only the morning after wedding but for years to come. Each time they decide to sit down for a hot beverage the couple will be reminded of the wedding day and their love.

Custom coasters as a gift

Personalized Lamp

Do you want to gift something personalized that creates an ambience and is perfect for the married couple? Uniqcube offers you to design a personalized lamp with images that are relevant to the couple. The cube lamp is more than just a light – it has the ability to change the energy of the couple’s home, be a beautiful décor item and be a modern photo book. The exciting thing about Uniqcube is that the lamp is perfectly suited for high quality images so you can choose to make either a mini collage of many pictures of the married couple or upload only a few images to make happy wedding day memories part of their home interior design. The designing process is extremely simple – just choose the size of the lamp and upload the desired photos. Uniqcube is the ideal wedding gift if you want an original and personalized gift that the couple will be happy to receive!

Uniqcube personalized lamp as a wedding gift

Custom-made Calendar

Time flies when you are happy and enjoying your life! But someone has to keep track of appointments, anniversaries or celebrations, and because of that custom-made calendar might be a wedding gift you want to consider gifting the married couple. The calendar is easily customizable, and it usually can be quickly made in case you were looking for something personalized to gift but the time is running out. Since the year has 12 months you will need to get access to twelve quality pictures of the married couple so check their social media galleries or ask their friends for some pictures! For example, you can design January with a picture of the couple celebrating New Year, for June you can pick a picture from their travels and for October try to get a picture of them enjoying the fall or carving pumpkins. Custom-made calendar is a good idea for a wedding gift due to its practicality, personalization options, as well as for the ability to make the next year for the couple full with beautiful memories of being together.

Custom calendar as a wedding gift

Personalized Wedding Gift – A Box

We all have things that we love but we also need a space to store them out of sight if we will not be using them on a daily basis. Personalized boxes help to create a more organized and peaceful living environment. Plus, you can design the engraved text or symbol as you like! Usually these boxes are made from wood and can be colored in any tone you think the married couple would like. These boxes can be customized as a wine box or a regular box where the newlyweds can store picture albums, souvenirs or other items. If you wish to surprise the married couple, then you can put inside the personalized box a greeting card, money, a bottle of wine, photos or anything that would put a smile on their faces!

Quilted Throw for Couples

Are you attending a wedding ceremony in fall or winter? Great! To keep the newlyweds warm and cozy consider choosing a quilted throw as a personalized wedding gift. For colder nights this custom gift will serve as a reason to cuddle up and watch some movies together. Quilted throws are usually made from high quality cotton, the colors range from beige and neutral tones to bright colors, such as reds, blues or greens. To make the throw personalized, you just have to place an order with the couple’s names or initials. This will be a wonderful wedding gift because it is something that can be used to decorate the newlywed’s bedroom or living room, and it serves a practical purpose. So, if you know a couple that’s getting married in the colder months and you know that they love to spend time with each other in the house, a personalized quilted throw for couples will be a cherished gift!

Custom quilted Throw for Couples

Clothing As A Personalized Wedding Gift

Are you the funny and witty friend of the newlyweds? Well, you are in luck because personalized clothing will allow you to have fun designing the gift and gift a custom-made gift that will make the couple laugh. Personalized clothing can be anything but the most popular options to gift the newlyweds are personalized socks with their names or T-shirts with jokes about the couple’s married status, upcoming family life or pet peeves. Even if you want to be more tactful the personalized clothing option can still be viable! You can select a pre-made design relating to married life or an image, or write your own wish for the couple on two T-shirts and – voilà! The newlyweds can have cool, funky and personalized T-shirts that they can wear the next day after the wedding or on their honeymoon! If you think that the couple should enjoy life and laugh more, then gifting personalized clothing is the way to go.

Personalized socks with married couple's names


Weddings are great but weddings with personalized and wonderful gifts are even better! These were the 7 wedding gifts that are made to be customized for weddings as they allow you to gift something that is more unique and thoughtful than just a regular heart-shaped pillow, a boring polaroid camera or a generic poster with two lovebirds. If you want your gift to stand out from other guests’ gifts, consider anything that allows customization, such as a light with pictures, coasters with the couple’s initials or personalized calendar. Gifting art is a good option if you want to impress them with a meaningful gift that conveys positive emotions, love and the joy of being together. Clothing with couple’s names or funny image can be a fun gift for a fun-loving couple, just make sure that they have a good sense of humor! Personalized wedding gift is a way to convey your happiness for the newlyweds, while gifting them something that will bring them joy and will be useful when starting their life together as a married couple.

By Lukass Lielamurs

Lukass is a music, art and blogging enthusiast currently studying International Marketing and Advertising. Being able to convey valuable insights and stories through writing is a great passion of Lukass as it allows to reach and share information with others.

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