Why is a branded lamp one of the keys to your business growth? 7 trendy promotional products


By Una Balode

Choosing the perfect product to promote your business can be difficult – the trends are always changing. It is not easy to create original and at the same time – useful – merch or promo products.  Of course, clothing such as baseball caps and t-shirts will always be at the top of promotional products and merchandise, but this list of trendy items will help you open up your mind to more interesting and creative ideas. Here are some items that will help your brand to expand and attract more customers, such as a branded lamp from Uniqcube, blue light glasses, tote bag, and others!

tote bag and branded lamp original promo products

1. Eco-friendly products – tote bag & reusable drinkware

Every day, people start getting more and more eco-conscious, so the popularity of environment-friendly products is growing. Eco-friendly products are sustainable and made to use over and over again, so you don’t create waste and don’t harm the environment. One great item is a tote bag that is created from recycled materials. People of every style and age need a tote bag. A tote bag is great for branding, because of the number of designs that you can create. Starting with a small logo in the corner and ending with huge inspirational quotes that cover the whole bag. Also, stainless steel water bottle is proven to be a favored promotional item for clients – it is durable and sustainable. 


2. Electronics – branded lamp

Lamps are one of the most used household electronics, and that is why this branded lamp could really help grow your brand – it is classy, practical, and modern. Firstly, this works ideally as a promo product – since it is used so widely by everyone, the receiver will remember your brand for a long time. This branded lamp can be given to new or potential clients, or you can give it as a thank you gift for your long-running clients. Secondly, you can use this lamp as a design element for your table if you are a DJ or a streamer. Learn more about it here! Thirdly, if you cannot think of original merch ideas – this is your answer! The world is tired of the same old T-shirts!

3. Stationery – notebook & pens

These promo products are simple but effective and they are never going out of style. These are items that people will need and use every day, which means that they will see your brand every day. Who doesn’t have a moment in their day where they quickly need to jot something down? Your clients will thank you in their subconscious for this branded notebook. It is the same case with pens – there can never be too many of them. These items work great as gifts for your colleagues because aesthetically pleasing writing tools boost productivity and creativity.

 4. Accessories – blue light glasses

Because we are using our screens every day now more than ever, it is time to start thinking about our health. One of the trendy products lately has been blue light glasses. They shield our eyes from the blue light from screens that can cause stress for our eyes. This product works excellent as a promotional item, because everyone nowadays could use it, but won’t buy it themselves. Next time you’re thinking of including accessories in your list of promotional items, think about what looks cool and is helpful as well? Blue light glasses!

5. Bags – branded backpacks & computer bags

Branded backpacks are the perfect promotional products for clients, employees, and business partners. Same as the branded lamp, these can be used as gifts for your new or long-time clients as a thank you gift. A bag works great as a promotional gift in social-media giveaways because it is more expensive so it will boost client participation. Backpacks are used by people of every age, so it means that your brand name and logo will be spread and seen everywhere. To go even more specific, if you know your audience to be more tech-savvy, branded computer bags are the way to go.

6. Small items – stickers & pins

Make your brand, event, or product unforgettable and engaging with promotional stickers. Whatever type of brand and customer base you have, stickers that are relatable and look cool will attract almost everyone. This is a timeless and reliable promo product. A branded sticker can be included as a free item when selling a product. You can also give away free stickers and pins at your music concert or hand out motivational quote stickers at your lecture or conference. The possibilities are endless! The most important thing – make them fun and relatable! If the whole item is just your logo and name, it might not be so intriguing for the potential customer. So your task is to make them funny, inspirational, or aesthetically pleasing.

umbrella and branded lamp - promo products

7. Household items – umbrellas

Surprisingly, umbrellas are also an item that works very well as a promotional product. Nobody ever throws an umbrella away, because it is one of the most universal and widely-used objects ever. So that means that your brand and message will be spread widely. Umbrellas are also great to display your logo on because they are very visible – your canvas is huge! A customized umbrella is the perfect gift for your clients or employees. Most people remember the companies that give them gifts that can actually be used every day! This promotional product will probably work the best in rainy areas!


When it comes to promotional products, it is hard to keep up with the trends, because one moment a product is the most demanded item out there, and the next it is boring and out of style. It is crucial to research your audience, what they like and what makes them happy. Of course, you can stick with the safe option, such as pens and notebooks, but think more original – branded lamp, tote bag, or drinkware. When thinking of promotional products for your brand, ask yourself these 3 things- is it useful, is it trendy, and is it original?                            

Image credit: stickergiant.com, pexels.com, engine8media.com, greatist.com, totallybranded.co.uk, joom.com, adler.co.uk, Juan Moyano/Stocksy

By Una Balode

A third-year journalism student with a passion for video montage and horror movies. Una loves being creative and learning something new every day, whether it is writing, painting, or embroidering. Having a huge spot in her heart for movies, her dream is to once create a successful documentary.

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