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By Lonija Kazlauska

When you think about promotion, one can get overwhelmed by a wave of strategies, techniques and methodologies. Everyone seems to be an expert on how to run a perfect campaign and convert leads into prospects and further into paying customers. If you’re not sure, what kind of promotion you want, there is work to do. Think, do you want it to be online, offline or both. First, wrap your head around the way you do business. Is it online or a brick and mortar place? That will determine how to pick a glowing customized promotion just right for your brand. In this one we’ll explore the right promotional item for you, whether it is a light up dog collar or customized light box.

How Do You Get Started?

When your business and promotion strategies are set, we suggest you go nice and shiny – pick up a light up promotional item. It will surely stay in the minds of your customers and convert them into loyal fans. Trying contests, giveaways or even illuminations on your promotional stand. We have compiled the best of the best customized light boxes and other promotional items to shine through the night!

A light up street at night with pedestrian crossing and light boxes.
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How to Prepare an Illuminating Campaign?

But first, research. Address the channels you get the most of your followers, leads and prospects from. Then look around your sales funnel and customer journey. Is it working the way you want? Do you convert enough prospects into customers? Thorough analysis will give you information on which activity to focus your promotion on. The answer lies somewhere within the AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Decision, Action) phase model. F.e. if your Awareness phase is underserved, you cannot funnel anyone further to become even a lead. Thus neglecting any of those phases might sabotage your success.

How to Pick Between Customized Light Box and Other Promotionals?

When funnel analysis is done, pick the underserved phase and select the promotional product. Keep in mind, some audiences need a tangible product to have a positive feeling about a brand, with others it is enough to see the company logo on something shiny. Selecting a tangible product (smaller or bigger one) will give you the advantage of the customer having a constant reminder of the brand in their pocket, home or office. But the larger customized item is always an investment to pay off hugely later. The real struggle with digital promotion (badges, NFTs, virtual clothing and others) is they don’t spark the same amount of joy in people. On the other hand, digital promotion doesn’t need a warehouse full of items. Whichever you pick, ensure it represents the wholeness of your brand.

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Customized Light Box or Other Promotional Items?

Whether you choose to have a social media giveaway or a cooking masterclass, key is to involve the right type of customized light up item. If the business you’re running is online, try giving away a custom light up product on social media. Organize a full on social media interaction fest with smaller products like pens, ice cubes and water bottles (yes, those light up as well). That is dependant on your budget and audience. On the other hand – an offline business can do this as well on their social media page or hang a few customized light boxes around the place and even on the street if you live in a dryer area.

A Range of Customized Light Up Promotional Products

Currently the only thing you surely can’t customize are children, but wait for it and soon that will be done as well. Regardless of what has to be made to order, size and shape matters for anyone you want to wear it with pride. So we’ve compiled some of the latest top picks for custom light up products that shine a light on your brand. 

Light up water bottles

Customized light up water bottles
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Water is source of all life. Thankfully drinking water is getting more popular every day. You can go the extra mile to make it fun as well. They come in multiple colors, shapes and sizes. There is even one shaped as lightbulb out there! With this one you most definitely won’t miss if your target audience are the active ones and other health nuts. It is not the cheapest thing to customize, but it leaves a lasting impression. Therefore customized light up water bottle is perfect for those social media giveaways with no more than ten winners if you’re low on budget.  

Customized light boxes

Customized light box from Uniqcube
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This is the most memorable item to die for. Customized light boxes from Uniqcube come in a cube shape and are completely tailored to your brand. This can be printed on demand from all sides with your logo, you can go nuts and brand it with any of the brand assets (slogan, mascot, colors). Even the lightbulb can be selected from a variety thereof! Fully prepare for a social media giveaway to your most loyal followers or put as brand highlighter on any promo stand. This light box is easy to mount and transport.
When gifting this to your brand advocates, influencers or any other person, make sure to shine a light on your brand. Print the cube all over with your best brand assets. And they will have a warm memory of your brand each time they look at printed light box.  

Light up pens

Light up pen
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With this one you can light up your writing. They come in a variety of variations. LED light up pen can be a pocket flashlight or even a small lava lamp. You can pick one in plastic or metal casing and even have it with a gifting box. If you put the promotion bucks into this item, keep in mind, a pen can run out of ink and replacing the cartridge can be a hassle. Due to the limited space on a light up pen you can print a small logo or your slogan. Pens are relatively cheap to customize, and can be given away to rest in a pocket of any customer, but works poorly as a full on brand illumination item. 

Light up ice cubes

Light up LED ice cubes
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This is an original one. Chill your drink while the cubes light it up. These can be button or liquid activated. You can chose any color lightbulbs or multiple. These have a tiny battery inside, which can make your drink a poisonous one if made poorly. So at the same time it is a cool item to have your logo engraved inside, but rather a dangerous one if the quality is low. 

Light up crystal keychains

Light up keychains looking like customized light boxes
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Classic item made to light up. Nowadays anyone and their brother has a keychain as a promotion item. Add some utility to a classic and you get a flashlight keychain. If you have a brick and mortar place, the keychains can be casually thrown on a reception table. Keychains will work worse for a social media giveaways or any impressive activity.   

Have customized outdoor lighting or a light box

A dark street full of billboards and neon lights
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Illuminate your brand from the outside with a customized light box made for outdoors. It puts your brand in a spotlight of an empty street or crowded walkway. Customized outdoor promotional lighting ranges from digital billboards to neon light boards. This lighting will shine bright during the night outside your store, cafe or any other venue.

Light up dog collars

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This is for those dog lovers. If you have a four legged love bundles. While it looks like a compelling gifting item to your loyals. It definitely won’t work for cat lovers. In that case you need a cat collar. But as we all know, cats are not so keen on having a noose around their necks. So if you produce dog-food, this will be perfect branding item for your company. Quite small, but can fit your logo and slogan. If that’s enough, print away and attach it as a gift to your product.


There is no one-fits-all perfect light up item to illuminate your brand. But as we have discovered, there is one that is most versatile for brand awareness. In our opinion, the best of all, if your budget allows it, is a customized light box from Uniqcube. Of course, this type of promotional item is a bigger investment, though you can create a truly loyal following with it. 

By Lonija Kazlauska

First there was light. Once it was bright enough to see words on paper, I begun writing. Composing wordy letters to my friends (yes, in the age before the internet) and diary entries. It continued with much shorter tweets and grew into longer creative writing. Raised on Greek myths as bedtime stories, I love all things literature.

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