Top uses of Branded lightboxes to ramp up your sales


By Lonija Kazlauska

The main goal of branding is making your company memorable and setting it apart from competitors. Nowadays when you can see businesses on every corner, you can do nothing but wonder, if everyone owns a business, who is left working for the business? Selling is not only about illuminating the brand or letting people know you exist. You have to carefully funnel them trough to conversion and leave nothing to chance. So when all your brand assets are done and ready, you can pick branded lightboxes to imprint your brand in the memories of customers or even turn them loyal. In our opinion, standing out with branded lightboxes is the new black!

Give Away Branded Lightboxes on Your Social Media

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Lead generation to promote your business can be a hassle if you’re just starting out. Running a giveaway campaign on your social media can be a great way to promote your business and create brand awareness. You don’t need to put too much thought into it before starting a campaign to build your following. There are only three things mandatory – accounts on socials, concept of the contest and a branded lightbox!

Why a social media giveaway?

At the start of the year 2023 there were 4.76 billion social media users, as we believe this number is growing daily. It is unthoughtful not to use this kind of audience. Usually giveaways attract enormous masses of social media users. And that’s because everyone enjoys the thrill of an uncertainty. If you have a large and loyal following on socials, it can be a true gem to organize a giveaway in return for post likes or shares.

How to organize a social media giveaway?

When considering a social media campaign, you have to  think about the reason for your contest. Ask yourself some questions about the aim you would like to reach. 

  • Would you like to increase your social media following? 
  • Do you need to expand your emailing list? 
  • Do you want to increase brand engagement? 
  • Or is the campaign purely about increasing profits?

When the aim is clear, you should choose the platform and set the rules for entering your giveaway contest. The best platform is dependent on the amount of followers you have.
These rules may include:

  • Following the brand on socials
  • Liking and sharing a photo/video
  • Tagging friends in post comments
  • Using a special hashtag on entry posts.

Keeping all of this in mind, better – writing it down to the last details, all that is left – picking the best branded lightbox there is! Whichever you select is on you, but keeping it personalized is paramount.

Choose Affiliate Marketing With Branded Lightboxes

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In a nutshell, affiliate marketing involves collaboration with affiliates, who can either earn a commission from sales or have another benefit from running promotion. The end goal for this is either increasing brand awareness or improving product sales. 

Why affiliate marketing?

This is the perfect way to promote yourself if your funds are limited and risk tolerance low. Of course it is not a sure fire way to improving sales, but it can be close. That can be done either online or off the internet. We suggest an affiliate marketing strategy for your brand in a public setting. Even though most of us still spend majority of our time online, there’s still room for some real world tangible marketing.  

How to organize an affiliate marketing campaign with branded lightboxes?

To have a success with affiliates you have to be specific with your vertical it depends on your product/service category. There is no need to be super specific but precise definition is key (f.e. if you own a sports equipment store, select a product category you want to promote).
Then you choose a channel for promotion. First and foremost do thorough research of which media your target buyers consume. The promotion has to be fit for the media and audience. Decide, is it going to be social media or any other type of promotion.
When that is set up, one must be certain about the type of the affiliate remuneration. Will it be a percentage of sales or fixed fee? This should depend on type of the promotion and product sales.
Nowadays, when each brick and mortar store has an online version, branded lightboxes can be used as a pathway to your online store. Reach out to your affiliates, send them lightboxes with a specific QR code leading to your product and then let them do the promotion.

Participate in Company Exhibitions With an Impressive Stand 

tech chill exhibition with branded lightboxes
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Sometimes nothing is more powerful than a light show. But there are only a few things that make a good show great. If you decide to bring your product to a conference or exhibition, don’t forget – the product needs to be surrounded by immaculate visuals. 

Why choose branded lightboxes to amaze?

A branded lightbox is not the newest thing on the market, as they have been seen as billboards for a long time. But to brand it with your logo is something for people to remember. As you might have guessed, the cube shaped lightboxes are the best for branding, as they can fit your logo, slogan or even a photo of customers using your product. 

How to create and use branded lightboxes?

First, make a design you want to put on a lightbox. You can do it yourself or hire a graphic designer to do it. Here, at Uniqcube, we have a cool tool to help you create the ultimate branding item. To make it easier for your company, you can print a logo or slogan on one or several lightboxes. But if you’re up to doing even brighter branding , you have unlimited options to choose from.

Then all that is left is just arrange the cube or multiple on your stand. You can even connect them in a chain for an amazing dance effect. 

Showcase Your Product on Branded Lightboxes

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For this you don’t need much, just a good picture or even customer reviews. You can even print some of your loyal customer photos in action with your product. 
To do this you can organize a contest for original uses of your product and top 4 winners will be put on the lamp. Uniqcube will provide you with the best branded lightboxes which are completely customizable. Let your imagination run wild when designing promotion for an impressive stand.

Offer gifts in return for referrals or feedback

A small branded lamp can act as a cool promo product to give for referrals or any other activity. For example, anyone who refers fixed amount of friends (five, ten or more) with a specific link to use your service.
 Another idea is to organize a contest for the author of the most liked comment or feedback on your socials. That’s how you’ll expand your follower community and lend additional eyes on your brand!

Use branded lightboxes for influencer marketing

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Influencers are the modern TV stars in the age of social media. It is a sure fire way to get the attention of millions and create trust for your brand. One review can be worth hundreds of commercials. If they reach your direct market. For this, picking influencers, whose followers are your direct target market, is key. 

Why use  influencer marketing?

Now, when all the decision making power is in the hands of the influencers who can affect the purchasing decisions of their audience. A few reasons to select influencer marketing for boosting your product sales:

  • Influencer reviews have real impact on purchasing decisions of their audience
  • You can reach your target market with a niche-specific influencer 
  • Influencer authority is a real deal breaker for building customer trust
  • They create a less salesy content with a feel of a recommendation from a friend

In the digital age influencer marketing is constantly evolving. Thus influencers have to create strategies to keep up with the trends in product promotion. And the businesses can either try to create their own loyal following or use the existing resources by collaborate with already popular ones.

How to do it?

To have a successful marketing campaign there are several things to be mindful of. At the beginning some fieldwork shall be done. Organizing internal resources like strategy and budget is crucial before launching collaboration to aim for success. As doing enough research before selecting the right influencer for your branded lightbox campaign. When the right one is selected, You should keep in mind doing the following:

  • Examine is the influencer marketing fit for your product/service
  • Define a type of content for your campaign (newsletter, social media posts, videos etc.)
  • Develop a schedule for posts (daily, weekly, monthly or other)
  • Stay honest and regard influencer will have an honest review instead of advertisement

 Following the path of influencer marketing is definitely fit for most brands, you have to define your specific target market and content creators to collaborate with.   

How to use branded lightboxes for this? 

Sometimes you can send your product, product subscription or any other tangible thing to an influencer. If you don’t have anything tangible or have no idea how to choose a specific niche influencer, you can always gift a branded lightbox to an influencer. They can have it alongside them in a podcast if they’re doing  or use it in their social media posts.  


As we’ve found out, there are many ways to promote yourself with a branded lightbox fit for any budget. Nevertheless, all of them involve a fair amount of preparation. Thus evaluating is which type of lightbox marketing really fits your business is crucial. All that is left for you to think about what is best for your purse, objective and brand identity, Uniqcube will adjust the design for you!

By Lonija Kazlauska

First there was light. Once it was bright enough to see words on paper, I begun writing. Composing wordy letters to my friends (yes, in the age before the internet) and diary entries. It continued with much shorter tweets and grew into longer creative writing. Raised on Greek myths as bedtime stories, I love all things literature.

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