5 ways Branded Light Boxes Illuminate Your Marketing


By Lonija Kazlauska

Have you ever entered a coffee shop to see a laid back barista in a Depeche Mode T-shirt making a double chocolate whipped cream latte? For a while it was trendy to wear band merchandise as a statement or ironically. But brand promotion via wearables is getting old now. Marketers are searching for new ways to improve company visibility. Raising awareness or creating a fair amount of fuss around your brand is crucial in the age of never ending information clutter. People are pumped full of things to care about, therefore end up not caring about most of the stuff they encounter. There are ways to ‘wow’ the crowd and intrigue them with who you are or what you’re selling. In this article we’ve pulled some tricks from the hat so you see promotion in a new light using branded light boxes.

How to Build a Strong Brand?

There is one thing to start with – a strong brand identity. Have the company mission and vision aligned with your brand values. If you have dotted all i’s and crossed all t’s in strongly defining your company, the next step is building a compelling story around it. Here the devil is in the details – unique selling point (USP) is your main tool, but the customer – main hero of the story. Combine the two in a story that puts your customer first. Then position the brand to act as guide for their success. A few moments later – voila – the customer can’t imagine their life without your product.

Ways To Light up Your Unique Branding

There is no way to make your brand memorable without merch or distinctive design elements. As the wearable merchandise becomes outdated, increase visibility by playing around with novel approaches. There are plenty of new ways to promote your unique brand. From organising events to placing branded light boxes in coffee shops as an affiliate marketing. Once you’ve built a brand, it’s all about spreading the word about it. Keep reading and find out how your brand can shine truly bright through a customised light source. 

People gathered around a branded light box in a bar
Image credit: www.instagram.com/uniqcube/

Create an Interior Around Your Brand

There are even more ways to advertise a brand using a piece of interior. It can be anything from artwork posters to tapered chairs. If you are an artist, hang several light boxes branded with your latest artwork in a coffee shop. It will illuminate your work as well as create some fuss around your brand. Be sure to add some contact info on the light box for people to reach you.
If you are a business, the smart way of advertising is affiliate marketing. Put your brand logo on one of the Uniqcube light boxes. Arrange to hang it as a lamp in a partner business. In return – promote them at your venue. Keep in mind, it works the best if both businesses can be complementary or have a similar target audience. F.e. a vinyl store promotion in a soho district coffee shop might be a good fit. Both businesses are selling different products while targeting the same people.

branded light cube on a table
Image credit: https://www.uniqcube.com/

A Branded Light Box as a Centre Piece

Having a memorable stand at an expo or a conference is quite a hard thing to achieve without having gone through a burn list of unsuccessful ones. Uniqcube branded light boxes come to the rescue and will leave an impression that lasts. To build your own light box click here. Fill all the six sides with your brand colors, logo or an image of the product. The last thing to do is create a composition of one or more on your expo table. It will shine a light on your company brand, product or service. Self promotion is welcome as well. Surround the box with pictures of your cat or yourself, for this sky is the limit. No one has ever gone by a cool centrepiece without having a glance. 

Multiple light cubes with galaxy image
Image credit: www.instagram.com/uniqcube/

Break the Darkness with Branded Light Boxes

The more light, the better! Putting on a light show now is available for all. Uniqcube branded light box is the right tool for that. Use one or stack multiple on top of each other, let your imagination go wild:

  1. Create a light show with multiple boxes when doing a gig to announce your new single;
    When launching a new product, do a mosaic of your company logo or the product image on several light boxes;
  2. Throw two or more battery powered light boxes into the audience for the fans to catch, play around and eventually take home. They’ll remember the show for a lifetime. 
branded light box on a female dj deck
Image credit: www.instagram.com/uniqcube/

Let the Branded Light Box Chill on Your DJ Deck

Let’s break the silence with the obvious – illuminate your show with a branded light box! Leave it chilling there on the deck during a gig. As a DJ you’re probably used to having fun pieces around when playing. A cube full of light can become an iconic element for DJ branding. Of course there are no two gigs that are the same. Even playing the same festival two years in a row never turns out as expected. So be ready for it! Create multiple branded light boxes with your own name, logo or album art. That is the best way to shine a light on your latest track, album and a full set. It will be an additional reminder for the fans of what they came for. 

qr code on a light cube
Image credits: www.pinterest.com

Print a QR Code Leading to Your Website

Our last trick in the book fit for most of the occasions above, can be divided into three steps.
Step 1: create a QR code leading to your landing page, social media account for people to reach you;
Step 2: print your QR code on the Uniqcube custom light box or several;
Step 3: place your branded light box in a venue matching your promotion vibe.
Leave the rest to the public – most of the kids these days know what a QR code is and what to do with it. Another thing to be mindful of – don’t try to be funny leading people to some nonsense page instead of actual valuable info. Word of mouth travels fast, soon everyone will know who did the practical joke and you’ll have a reputation.


There is no one fit for all when using a good promotional product, thus it can’t fit every occasion or event. Main things to consider when deciding to shine a light on your brand are: the industry you’re working in, the way you prefer to be reached, the right content to be printed on your light box, the marketing strategy and the amount of light you want to shine on your brand. With Uniqcube fully customizable branded light boxes you can become the master of your light. For more tips on how to create a strong brand to promote see this article from Forbes.

By Lonija Kazlauska

First there was light. Once it was bright enough to see words on paper, I begun writing. Composing wordy letters to my friends (yes, in the age before the internet) and diary entries. It continued with much shorter tweets and grew into longer creative writing. Raised on Greek myths as bedtime stories, I love all things literature.

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