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Summer night bedroom lighting



This beautiful bedroom lighting UNIQCUBE is filled with mysterious flowers reminding you of warm and romantic summer nights. Light up your room with the romantic and colorful SUMMER NIGHT.

Let in the most mysterious part of summer into your room – the night.

What do you get

UNIQCUBE light cube features

Icon of Relaxing ambient lighting

Relaxing ambient lighting

Icon of Unique high resolution artwork

Unique high resolution artwork

Icon of Texture on the surface

Texture on the surface

Icon of Thin, flexible and resilient material

Thin, flexible and resilient material

Icon of Lightweight design 1 pound / 457 grams

Super lightweight design

Icon of Can be placed on any surface or used as a hanging lamp

Can be placed on any surface or used as a hanging lamp

Icon of Waterproof print, easy to clean

Waterproof print, easy to clean with water

Icon of Made in Northern Europe

Made in Northern Europe

Icon of 2 year warranty service

2 year warranty service

Icon of CE certified

CE certified

We went to meadow at nightfall, it was one of the most beautiful days in the summer as all the most wonderful flowers just started to bloom. I wanted to capture the moment and take it with me everywhere. We took the most mysterious, colorful, and romantic flowers and released them into our cubes transferring summer nightfall into a dream bedroom lighting. With this lamp the scent of romantic summer nightfall lingers around.

SUMMER NIGHT light cube has the flowers that will never wither. It will fit any table as the most gorgeous and bright bouquet you’d ever have. The cube provides relaxing ambient lighting. It is perfect for girls’ bedroom lighting though it will add the romantic bits to any room.

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