Lamps should do way more than just give you light!

Lamp with different stone patterns
Get stoned light cube unique lamp giving a futuristic feel to a room. You can place it on a table, a shelf or on the floorGet stoned atmosphere lighting lamp in the hands of a girlStone texture closeup from spaceAmbient light cube lamp with a stone pattern and green leaves. A beautiful girl looking on the design lightingGet stoned lamp light cube has a green leave pattern on the bottom. Here is the closeup of the patternThis personalized lamp looks like a marble stone and gives a futuristic look to the interrior design

Get stoned light cube


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Get stoned by just looking at the GET STONED UNIQCUBE! Have you always wanted a real, impressive stone in your room? Here you go – it reflects the different stone textures that look as rough as those of a real stone.