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Color out your day design lighting



Are you lacking in color? This design lighting UNIQCUBE will reverse even the darkest and most boring corners of your room adding a variety of colors and a spritz of happiness.

It consists of various colorful blocks that will brighten up any space.

What do you get

UNIQCUBE light cube features

Icon of Relaxing ambient lighting

Relaxing ambient lighting

Icon of Unique high resolution artwork

Unique high resolution artwork

Icon of Texture on the surface

Texture on the surface

Icon of Thin, flexible and resilient material

Thin, flexible and resilient material

Icon of Lightweight design 1 pound / 457 grams

Super lightweight design

Icon of Can be placed on any surface or used as a hanging lamp

Can be placed on any surface or used as a hanging lamp

Icon of Waterproof print, easy to clean

Waterproof print, easy to clean with water

Icon of Made in Northern Europe

Made in Northern Europe

Icon of 2 year warranty service

2 year warranty service

Icon of CE certified

CE certified

It was too white and then too dark. It was too grey, the day. So I got boring. I took a paintbrush and threw with red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and orange. And then I turned it on – a happy day.
COLOR OUT YOUR DAY lamp was inspired by grey days. This design lighting piece consists of various colorful blocks, each one of them meant to add a spritz of happiness.

The colors are mixed creating layers with the possibility to show different color shades. Design lighting has never been so colorful and fun! The lamp is perfect for kids bedroom and it is a must have for any boring and grey room on the planet. This is a beautiful lighting piece that will give you at least +1 smile each day.

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