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A beautiful constellation lamp that can teach children the stars
A beautiful constellation lamp with starsUse the know your stars lamp to teach children stars or as a design lighting in bedroomStar lamp light cube giving warm feelings in the roomA magnificent light cube lamp with stars on each side. Children can learn night sky using itLight cube ambient light lamp with a milky way in the center closeup constellationsKnow your stars light cube lamp on a table bightenning up the roomA beautiful, ambient light cube with stars and constellations sitting on the bed. Great when used as a bedroom lighting.

Know your stars constellation lamp

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The KNOW YOUR STARS constellation lamp will not only give you illumination, but also teach you the constellations. This lamp has the constellations labelled on its top surface, whereas the sides and bottom areas are decorated with large representations of them, so you will never get lost in the endless night sky.