Top 5 Best Nightclub Lights – Glimmering Essentials for Any Dance Floor  

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By Lonija Kazlauska

Life is a party but you have to make it happen. Opening the doors of your own nightclub is one of the ways. If you choose to have a never ending celebration at your disposal, set the stage first. Having an overall concept and particular style before doing the design is an important part of it. After you’ve figured it out, arrives the rest – sound system, DJs and a bar. Another big thing in your club is mounting the best nightclub lights. In this one we’ll take a closer look into setting up your venue to bedazzle even the fussy partygoers.

What makes a dance floor truly shine?

 Lights are an essential for designing the atmosphere of ambience and eternal fun. The more light, the better, but don’t forget to leave some room for the clubbing smokiness. Building just the right balance in your party place is paramount, and appropriate lighting system will make all the difference. To shine up your dancefloor, it is not enough to simply pick up the best night club lights, you must make them work.

Dance floor full of people. EDM concert.
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When arranging a club, keep in mind the following:

  • Set the mood – is the club like those in Pitbull’s videos or is it a more rave vibe? The color, intensity and pulse of the beam can shift the mood in an instance
  • What to highlight – know which parts of the dancefloor you want lit up, which darkened. This is a perfect moment to fire up the parts for the crowd to notice and hide any imperfections
  • When to highlight – do you want the beam dancing to the beat or be consistent 

How to set up the best lighting system in the nightclub

If you are just starting out, you must not overwhelm yourself with all the lighting design aspects all at once. The thing to start with is setting up the nerve center – lighting desk. Nowadays it is a complex computerized system which only a trained lighting designer can fully operate. When all is arranged and the master of light is there, only thing left is choosing the lighting system.

A girl from the back shone by the best nightclub lights
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How to organise the best nightclub lights?

Setting up a perfect desk and lighting designer only takes you so far. The beam will do what the operator commands, but arranging the lights just right will make the night bright. The stage lighting must be flexible enough for any type of event you might be having. Nevertheless the other area lights should highlight the most important and leave the rest in the darkness. Following with some tips on how to shine a light on your dance floor.

Ambient lights

This lightsource will set the mood for any area in your club. Dim it to make the zone more intimate or brighten it up on the dancefloor. With ambient lights you can properly section your nightclubclub areas. Wall mounted fixtures or light up photo cubes can have a fantastic atmospheric effect. LED fixtures a great addition to your club collection if the goal is accenting something particular.

Task lighting

As you can tell from the name, this is the one type of light with practical use in mind. Place task lights where the staff has a task at hand – be it the entrance, lobby, the bar or a DJ booth. This light has a function making the invisible – visible. Use track lights to make a difference, as you can control the direction and brightness. Point the beam right over a bar menu on the wall to attract clubber attention.

DJ with a cube light on the deck, which is the best nightclub light
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Cube lights

This is the one to add the most visual focus to the DJ. Apart from shining some light on the set, it can also be a centerpiece of the whole DJ show. Fully customized to fit any occasion, be it Halloween party, Valentine’s day for those liking to mingle at a club, or just a typical Friday evening – Uniqcube got it all covered.   

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is made for one thing only – to direct the attention where you need it to be. These lights can dance to the track, shine a particular colour for a style of music or accentuate the melody. Cove ighting accenting a bar trim or ceiling will work as a fantastic accent light.

Feature lighting

Feature lights are there for decoration. Place it with an intention to make a feature out of the spot they light up. Place them around the bar, the DJ booth or beaming on some cool design elements in your club. Give this task to club classics:

  • Moving Head
  • Par Light
  • Strip Light
  • Soft light
A bar full of bottles.
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Finding the best nightclub lights is not the only thing…

Apart from having a glimmering lighting system, there are plenty of other things to invest in. Apart from the flashy items, best nightclub lights, interior, there is a list of must-haves. As you know, at a dance club music is the king, so invest in the booming sound system. For a full checklist click here.  

Must haves for your nightclub definitely are:

  • Blazing sound system – no club is complete without dance music. The point is to have speakers that can handle dance music and paired up with the best nightclub lights create an imersively rich dancing experience
  • DJ equipment –  DJ booth is a centrepiece of the club to light up the party. Complete it with a powerful audio system, turntables, mixers and controllers
  • Furniture – some seats and tables a must for the bar zone and lounge areas. You might furnish the lobby as well to ensure extra comfort for the guests 
  • Bar equipment – blood in the veins of any club are fine cocktails and other beverages. You don’t want your club to have the reputation for watered down drinks
  • Kitchen equipment – it is crucial if you plan to serve any food to pair up with drinks. Ensure your kitchen is always stocked up as well.

Intertwining all the essentials can make for a magnificent venue, if arranged with style. A strong combination of these elements makes a good bar great.

A purple light shining on a woman in a bar.
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If you’re not a clubbing guru or a nightlife connoisseur but running a never ending party is your dream, start small. Start with research, the internet is booming with useful materials. Even though your dreams are big, budgeting will ensure you get the best and leave out the rest. Starting with the concept and ending with best nightclub lights – plenty of work ahead! We hope this short guide gave you a taste of the whole prepwork ahead.  

By Lonija Kazlauska

First there was light. Once it was bright enough to see words on paper, I begun writing. Composing wordy letters to my friends (yes, in the age before the internet) and diary entries. It continued with much shorter tweets and grew into longer creative writing. Raised on Greek myths as bedtime stories, I love all things literature.

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