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DJ Light Box – A Way to Brand DJ Live Streams

During this time where more and more people are spending their time at home, the popularity of watching live streams is on the rise. Even though DJs can’t perform at nightclubs because of the COVID-19 regulations they definitely are taking the opportunity to connect with their fans online and create wonderful musical shows in live streams. But how do you create a live stream that is exciting and inviting? A plain wall behind you or no décor or light effects around the DJ booth will not do. That’s where Uniqcube comes in handy – a DJ light box that can elevate the mood and create a personalized branding for your live stream!

How to Adapt to Current Changes and Navigate Challenges as A DJ

It is crucial to focus on the positive aspects of the current situation because that allows you to adapt to changes and take responsibility of your own success as a DJ. Just because regular venues are closed doesn’t mean that you can’t take the initiative to think out of the box, look for things you can actually do and control or come up with creative solutions that will help you not only during these months but also further on. Since creating and growing a loyal audience is utmost importance for DJs who want to be successful, branding, brand awareness, and brand image are important factors that help to achieve that.

DJs who are the best at finding ways to make their brand stand out from other DJs have to worry less about competition. Creative and effective solutions are great when you are looking to gain a competitive advantage, differentiate and make a name for yourself. Uniqcube DJ light box is the right choice for you if you want to incorporate personalized branding elements whether you are live streaming, taking pictures of your DJ set or plan on elevating your branding as a DJ in general.

Dublab DJ Tottie Lottie live streamng at home with custom light box

Why Choose A DJ Light Box as A Branding Solution?

DJ light box is made to be personalized according to your needs and to be carried and moved around. Uniqcube offers DJs to create their own personalized DJ light box with images, logos, designs of your choice. The DJ light box has 6 sides that can be designed as you wish, it is lightweight and you can set it on a DJ set or a table, or attach it to ceilings. Combining personalization with creativity and utility allows Uniqcube to be an effective branding solution for DJs who want to be successful and memorable.

Personalized DJ Light Box for live streaming

Using DJ Light Box for Live Streaming

Live streaming can be professional and so should be your setup! A slide show of random pictures or showcasing your best gaming skills is not that exciting of different. Even if you have set up cameras for live streaming the venue or room you are performing in can seem too bland, ordinary and doesn’t set you apart from other DJs who are live streaming. That’s why you need to think differently and focus your efforts not only on awesome music but also a visually pleasing live stream setup.  

Having a DJ light box while live streaming can be a useful tool for branding. Uniqcube draws live stream viewers’ attention because it makes your brand more visible and creates an exciting atmosphere. Don’t you think that adding a personalized light element to your live stream will attract more viewers who are intrigued by it? You can set the Uniqcube closer to the camera if you want to get your viewers to remember your name or brand more, or it can be a cool addition to your DJ set if you place it on top it. Since the Uniqcube can be personalized your creativity is limitless! If you want to create a fantastic live stream show, you can set up multiple Uniqcube DJ light boxes as a background element, especially if you design your Uniqcube with different pictures, photographs, logos or designs. This makes your live stream more polished, professional looking and unique!

Benefits of Choosing Uniqcube as A DJ Light Box

Uniqcube offers a DJ light box that is affordable, personalized according to your wants and branding needs. It is also the fastest way to receive a personalized DJ Light Box that’s made by professionals compared to trying to order custom-made light box elsewhere. You can order Uniqcube in two sizes – small or standard – according to your needs. The DJ light box is fully customizable on the front, back, right, left, top and base sides with different images and designs or you can apply the same design or logo on all 6 sides. That’s the benefit of owning a Uniqcube – the design is guaranteed to stand out and catch attention!

Using Uniqcube is not limited to live streams, though! While it is a great to personalize your live stream with ease, it is not much harder to level up your DJ performance in real life venues as well! When nightclubs, discos and other venues will re-open for music events, already owning your Uniqcube with personalized design will give you an edge and help you to make your DJ setup exciting and branded.

Personalized DJ light box for live streaming


DJ light box is a great way to brand yourself as a DJ while live streaming. Due to Uniqcube’s personalization option you can own a DJ light box that is unique to you, create an ambience and attract loyal music lovers and fans because of the clever use of Uniqcube in your branding. Personalize your Uniqcube with a logo or a design and become more memorable DJ, stand out from other competitors and create an incredible and exciting live streaming show!

Image credit: The 900 Block; Demetrius Herrera; Narek Petrosyan; Tottie_Lottie; UNIQCUBE