Lamps should do way more than just give you light!

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Personalized design light cube lamp - example
Personalized lamp with a Simpsons cartoon. You can put movies, comics, art, photos etc. on each sideCustom lamp with a cool graffiti artwork on each sideCustom light cube with a colorful comics theme on each sideGreat table lamp with a Homer Simpson on each sideUnique photo lamp. Put any images you want on each sideLight cube lamp design with a stunning graffiti artworkCustom light cube lamp with the Sandman comics on each sideRich and colorful light cube lamp with The Sandman comics theme. Put any images you want on the cube

Personalized design light cube

Now available in two sizes – mini and standard.

Add your images, art, photos or archives of images. Max 40 images on each side.

Afterwards our designer will create a mock-up of your personalized lamp and send it over for your approval.


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Steps for making your personalized lamp:

  1. Upload your images for each side (if you have more than one per side, please compress them; max 40 images per side)
  2. Pay for your UNIQCUBE
  3. Our designers will design UNIQCUBE with your images and send you an email for your confirmation

Customize your UNIQCUBE in a way you want! Different kind of textures, photos of your friends, places you love, anything!

Please see some examples of custom UNIQCUBEs below.